03 March 2010

Black Poplars at Cwm Ivy Marsh

Although I have never personally inspected these trees I have been told by good authority that they are native Black Poplars (Populus nigra subsp. betulifolia), this being one of the few sites in Glamorgan where they are known. At this time of year the orange colours make them stand out quite prominantly and now is a good time to look for them. Their leaning habit and dense branches are other useful clues I've been told.

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Barry Stewart said...

Having seen a Black Poplar close up today (which did not have conspicuous orange twigs), I'm not sure that I have photogaphed the correct trees at Cwm Ivy! Perhaps I should have got a bit closer before making this tenuous id! Next time I'm down that way I'll make sure I pay these trees a visit - they could even be willows!