24 November 2009

Black Rabbit at Port Eynon

Among the 40 or more Rabbits in the campsite field today was this striking black specimen. I have seen the odd one at this site before, but elsewhere this form does appear to be scarce.


Barry Stewart said...

Mark Newton emailed me to say that he has also seen Black Rabbits at Llanrhidian & Lunnon and that there used to be white & tan one at Cillonnen. So, I guess they not that scarce as I thought!

Anonymous said...

hi barry - i remember seeing the black rabbits featured on tv though i have been trying to find a link for you but with no luck. it may have been on Coast. i was surprised the first time i saw them.

Jeremy said...

There were several black rabbits grazing yesterday (Wednesday) evening on the grassland overlooking Tor Bay, near Great Tor.