19 March 2013

sunday at Horton

Who said spring was imminent? Compared to last year when it was crawling with Hymenoptera on this date we only had 2 species (and a third Andrena flavipes reported by Paul Alton). The usual spring flowers are firmly closed as yet so just as well. No flowers on the Dwarf Willow at Oxwich either so no signs of Colletes cunicularius.

Anyway enough complaints we did have:

 Andrena thoracica male (above and below), just one on the soft cliff on the shore.
 One Lasioglossum morio also on the soft cliff. This is a picture from the autumn last year. This species is a bright metallic green which doesn't show up with flash photographs.
Both the above are quite common but there's nothing wrong with common species. If you click on the images they will appear a lot larger.

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