05 October 2013

Migrant moth invasion at Horton

Convolvulus Hawk-moth
A light trap left overnight at Horton produced one of the best autumn assemblage of migrants I have recorded in Gower. In total 54 species were noted, 13 of which were migrants, these being: Diamond-back Moth 2, Rusty-dot Pearl 5, Rush Veneer 42, Palpita vitrealis 1, Vestal 9, Gem 1, Convolvulus Hawk-moth 1, Turnip Moth 2, Dark Sword-grass 8, Pearly Underwing 5, White-speck 1, Small Mottled Willow 1, Scarce Bordered Straw 2 and Silver Y 10. Very many thanks to Cathy Dorran for being so accommodating.
Palpita vitrealis
Scarce Bordered Straw

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