08 February 2014

Port Eynon Bryophytes

A few of the species seen in the quarries on the point yesterday:
Encalypta vulgaris (Common Extinguisher-moss)
Fissidens dubius (Rock Pocket-moss)
Lejeunea cavifolia (Micheli's Least Pouncewort)
Scapania aspera (Rough Earwort)


GMT said...

Great photos Barry - it's certainly the weather to make bryophytes look their best.

I'd love to see the Encalypta; I've only ever seen the non-fruiting E streptocarpa.

Charles Hipkin said...

Fabulous shot of Encalypta vulgaris Barry. I love those fire extinguisher capsules.

Adam Mantell said...

Fantastic photos Barry, but I think I admire the wonderfully evocative common names the most!