19 June 2014

Mediterranean Gulls confirmed breeding

sub-adult pair on 8th April, W. Thomas
After a long and patient wait, today Wendell Thomas finally obtained proof of the first successful breeding record of Mediterranean Gulls in Carmarthenshire. Wendell's video, which can be seen HERE, shows the young gull being attended by one of its parents at the Lagoon at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Llanelli. Both parent birds are sub-adults (both are only in their 3rd calendar year) and although they were seen mating and nest building earlier in the season, the rapid growth of vegetation on the island quickly hid all activity until today.

...here's a photograph of the rapidly growing chick taken on the 22nd by Lyndon Evans


Derek Moore said...

Well done Wendell always nice to find a new breeding species for your patch.

Dave A said...

Brilliant - if only Black-headed Gulls bred in Pembs, we might expect them here soon!