19 December 2014

bees and wasps of the gower(ish)

oxybelus argentatus female  IMG_3116Oxybelus argentatus female IMG_3116
During the last 3 summers I have made a start on recording local Hymenoptera from the Bee and Wasp groups, initially on the Gower during the first year, but for the last 2 years mainly on Crymlyn Burrows. I am now in the throes of posting all the pictures on my flickr site so that they can, where possible, be used by others as an identification aid. I would also like help as I am only a relative beginner myself so if there is anyone out there with the expertise to see that I have made a mistake please let me, and everyone else, know. I am epsecially keen to know why. As a caveat I would like to point out that not all these insects can be identified from a photograph. Because of this 99% are supported by a specimen (in my possession), photographed alive after chilling from the side, above and face on where possible. The ultimate aim is to permit me to record as much as possible without recourse to this, photographing in the field by handholding.
crymlyn burrowsAncistrocerus gazella male IMG_4815
Each picture is supported by a filename giving the species, sex and picture number and locality is mentioned below as well. In the case of an enquiry I can track down the specimen from this information. The flickr site is here:
with pictures from these groups in Gower albums (Crabronids, Sphecids, Tiphiids, Vespids, Eumenids, Chrysids and Pompilids) as well as Crymlyn Burrows.
There will be Bees to join these wasps sometime after the new year.
For further, much more authoritative information see the Bees, Wasps and Ants recording Scheme site:
including these superb Flickr pages by Steven Falk:
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Barry Stewart said...

Fabulous set of images Ian, look forward to browsing these more carefully in due course...