24 January 2015

Otter feeding in Fall Bay

I guess I am not alone in thinking that Otters are pimarily associated with rivers, streams and estuaries, rather than rocky coastline. Although I am aware of reports of Otter sightings in the past in the Rhossili area, I have never seen one here, despite over a quarter of a century of walking the cliffs in the Mewslade-Fall part of the coast. Until today, that is. A whiskery head popped up in Fall Bay this morning and my assumption was that it was a seal (which would have been a good sighting, anyway). But as it dived there was a long, slender tail: this was a big Otter, not a seal.
I watched the Otter fishing for several minutes and then it surfaced with a pretty big fish (maybe 25-30cm in length).

It then swam towards the outer edge of the bay and, after disappearing from view for a minute or so, appeared on the rocks under Tears Point. It spent about eight minutes eating its catch before sliding back into the waves.

I feel I was very lucky to have seen this and to have been able to photograph it as it happened.


chris brewer said...

Definitely worth posting them twice! Lol!

Philip Croft said...

Thanks for comment, and yes, I did have a problem with posting; I thought this one hadn't worked!

Paul Tabor said...
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