06 February 2015

Black Redstart at Fall Bay

Black Redstarts are common in France; in many French villages they are easily seen, with males singing from rooftops in the breeding season. The song, which finishes with a crackling noise which always reminds me of the noise of a crisp bag being screwed up, is very distinctive. In Wales, however, Black Redstarts are generally scarce passage migrants or winter visitors in small numbers. In most winters a Black Redstart will turn up somewhere in the Rhossili area at some time. Today there was one feeding on the rocks and vegetation around the western shore of Fall Bay (SS410872). The bird was quite settled and I was able to watch it and photograph it for about 20 minutes until it was chased onto inaccessible rocks by a belligerent Robin. This bird is either a female or a first winter male. If anyone can tell which it is, please say so!

Below is a shot of a singing adult male, taken in France last year.

While I was at Fall Bay this morning I was also lucky enough to have a close encounter with a Grey Seal.

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chris brewer said...

Another great set of photos, I'm often hoping to bump into
Black redstarts when down that way.