14 March 2015

Hibernators waking up

A walk around Mount Pleasant, Swansea, last Tuesday lunchtime revealed a few hibernating insects stirred into life by the spring sunshine. There were singles of Small Tortoiseshell and Comma, both looking rather jaded after their slumbers, as well as queen bumblebees of two species - Bombus terrestris and B. hypnorum (the latter, the Tree Bumblebee, a recent colonist but now well established in South Wales). The only hoverfly seen was another species which hibernates as an adult, Eristalis tenax.

It looks like the sun may return next week - hopefully it will bring with it some more spring insects.

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Barry Stewart said...

I saw my first bees on the 6th, B. hypnornum & B. terrestris in Glanymor Park, Loughor, although I've only seen 2 or 3 terrestris since. On a related matter I received an email from Rob Colley last letting me know that he'd recently recorded over 100 Tissue moths in a north Gower cave, which is quite remarkable.