14 August 2015

Long-winged Conehead spreading west

(c) Alannah Ruthen
Alannah Ruthen photographed this female Long-winged Conehead Conocephalus discolor [see comments] at Craig-cefn-parc earlier this week. Although the species has been present in the county since 1999, when Rob & Linda Nottage recorded it at Coryton in Cardiff, this is the first record I'm aware of here in West Glamorgan. Please do look out for this species and please report any sightings, preferably with a photograph. It prefers drier habitats than the similar Short-winged Conehead C. dorsalis, this being well established in coastal marshes.


Ian Morgan said...

I don`t think that it is a long-winged conehead - in spite of the long wings! - but rather the long-winged macropterous form of the short-winged conehead (confusing is n`t it!). Note the ovipositor - it is curved, whereas in the long-winged conehead, it is straight.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks for clarifying that Ian - a good lesson learned.