07 September 2015

A good year for Marsh Harrier sightings

The video link HERE shows one of at least five different Marsh Harriers that have appeared at Llanrhidian Marsh during the course of 2015, this being a good total for an area well away from known breeding sites. With sightings elsewhere in the county, 2015 may prove to be one of best years on record. The map below shows the distribution of all sightings in Glamorgan, with those seen in 2015 in black.

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Ian Morgan said...

Let`s hope that it may lead to colonisation. George Montague (of Montague`s harrier fame) noted that the marsh harrier was `the most common bird of prey on the sandy flats of Carmarthenshire` (ie the Pembrey-Kidwelly area) in c 1805. The Lower Gwendraeth, the WWT Penclacwydd area and the MoD Pendine (Witchett Pool) area offer potential nesting areas. Males have displayed in the recent past in Carmarthenshire (as with osprey and hen harrier) but no females have turned up....but there may be luck if the Burry Inlet birds stay.