28 July 2016

Hare's-tail at Port Eynon

Hare's-tail growing abundantly on the dunes at Port Eynon (SS469851) 4th June 2007
Charles' recent discovery of Annual Beard-grass Polypogon monspeliensis near Crynant reminded me of my encounter with the superficially similar Hare's-tail Lagurus ovatus at Port Eynon back in 2007. The species was growing in abundance through one section of dunes with many thousands of plants, and although I've been back to the site in more recent times (casual visits rather than dedicated searches) I've failed to find it since. The Crynant Annual Beard-grass and the Port Eynon Hare's-tail are the only records we have of these attractive casuals in West Glamorgan.

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Charles Hipkin said...

Funnily enough I thought the Crynant plants were Lagurus when I first saw them, the two species are closely related and superficially similar. Both are Meditterranean-Atlantic species and may occur more frequently in future in response to climate warming. Lagurus seems to be increasing its range on dune systems in Southern England.