13 July 2017

Interesting Helleborine in NPT

Hilary and I saw this today near Jersey Marine.

Significant features are the pale creamy-green flowers with obtuse perianth segments, the lax inflorescence, the hairy upper stem, and the rather narrow, channelled leaves which are not really whorled. It looks like a form of Epipactis muelleri (= Epipactis leptochila), but not the form normally known as Narrow-lipped Helleborine (E. muelleri Var. leptochila).  It looks more like Var. dunensis to me, although it isn't a perfect fit. It wasn't growing in dunes.  Comments appreciated.
Following consultation with professor John Richards, (BSBI referee for orchids) it has been confirmed this is a form of Green-flowered Helleborine (Epipactis phyllanthes Var. cambrensis).


Barry Stewart said...

My first impression was the highly variable phyllanthes, but the hairy inflorescence-axis would seem to exclude that. The key in Stace takes you to dunensis, which seems to be the best imperfect fit - certainly very interesting and worth seeking expert opinion and/or some form of DNA id.

Charles Hipkin said...

Update: The final verdict is that this is Epipactis phyllanthes Vr. cambrensis.