07 October 2009

Brown Hare on Crymlyn Burrows Beach!

Today, while on my birding circuit of Crymlyn Burrows and the nearby Golf Course, I was amazed to be joined on the beach by a Brown Hare. The tide was right out and I was the only person on the beach. I was looking at the waders for something unusual when I noticed an animal run onto the beach from the dunes. My first thought was that it was a small dog but on closer inspection it was clearly a Brown Hare. I was standing dead still about 100 yards from the dunes. The Hare spent about 2 mins on the beach coming in my direction the whole time. At a range of about 30 yards it finally noticed me and sprinted back to the cover of the dunes. While sprinting back at one point the Hare started prancing a bit like Antelope do (to show how physically strong they are) when they are running away from danger. It truly was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.

Other highlight from today 8 Lesser Redpoll and 5 Redwing over Golf Course and 20+ Reed Bunting around the saltmarsh.

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