05 October 2009

Merlin at Crymlyn Burrows

At this time of year passerines can be seen in large numbers. Flocking together at sites where food sources occur often near the coast. Crymlyn Burrows often has flocks of finches made up mostly of Goldfinch, Linnet and Greenfinch with small parties of Skylark and Meadow Pipit also found in good numbers here. These numbers of birds inevitably attract the attention of birds of prey. The Merlin, Britain's smallest falcon, prey on these smaller birds. They like large open areas where they can watch the flocks of birds at distance before launching their surprise attacks.

Today a female Merlin was at Crymlyn Burrows sitting on a low post for a couple of minutes before flying off low over the ground which is how they perform their surprise attacks. Merlins are not too uncommon around our coast at this time of year and are recorded at Crymlyn Burrows most years.

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Barry Stewart said...

Occasionally they have been seen hunting alongside Hen Harriers at Llanrhidian, I guess both species could benefit?