25 September 2011

Cryptic autumnal moths

Although the number of species of moth declines during the autumn there are one or two attractive species that appear on the wing, none more so that the Merveille du Jour (Dichonia aprilina). This 'mint-choc-chip' moth flies from mid-September to the beginning of November, with numbers peaking in the first week of October.
Merveille du Jour
Another cryptic species with a similar flight period is the Brindled Green (Dryobotodes eremita), which like the Merveille du Jour is principally a woodland species, but both appear in gardens in areas wherever there are oaks.
Brindled Green
Both species were in the garden moth trap yesterday along with 
Brown House Moth (1)
Celypha lacunana (1)
Light Brown Apple Moth (1)
Dusky Thorn (1)
Lesser Yellow Underwing (16)
Large Yellow Underwing (29)
Setaceous Hebrew Character (18)
Square-spot Rustic (8)
Autumnal Rustic (5)
Black Rustic (20)
Large Ranunculus (2)
Pink-barred Sallow (5)
Frosted Orange (2)
Silver Y (6)
Straw Dot (1)

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Charles Hipkin said...

Merveille du Jour (i.e. 'Marvel of the Day') - what a great name!