04 September 2011

Pathside plants

At Rotherslade today Heath Groundsel (Senecio sylvaticus) was noted growing in areas of burnt Gorse, detected initially by its highly pungent smell. This rather localised plant is probably most frequent along disturbed forest tracks in our area, coastal records being less frequent.
Heath Groundsel (on right) at Rotherslade 
Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon) is a long-established alien of Swansea's sandy sea-front, this being is it's only Welsh locality as far as I know. Here it frequently dominates the sward of unmanaged areas of grassland as shown below at Norton as well as maintained lawns at Blackpill. The fingered inflorescence is highly distinctive and worth looking out for next time you walk, run, jog, cycle or skateboard! along the promenade.
Bermuda-grass at Norton

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