19 June 2012

Inclined Distichium at Glyncymmer

Both Distichium species, Fine Distichium (D. capillaceum) and Inclined Distichiuim (D. inclinatum) are scarce in South Wales, especially so away from natural, damp rock exposures, so discovering Inclined Distichium on an old wall at Glyncymmer was unexpected. [A specimen has been sent off to Sam Bosanquet as I initially thought this to be Fine Distichium, however, it seems Inclined Distichium can also show erect rather than inclined capsules when young and is more likely on old mortar lines]
bryophyte-rich wall below Glyncymmer tennis courts
These old walls can support a surprisingly rich assemblage of lower plants with numerous noteworthy species  such as Narrow Mushroom-headed Liverwort (Preissia quadrata), Starry Thyme-moss (Mnium stellare) and Pale Thread-moss (Bryum pallens).
Spiral Extinguisher-moss (Encalypta streptocarpa) growing along mortar lines.

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