24 June 2012

Gull-billed Tern at Penclacwydd WWT

To help me get over the fact that I've missed out on a very nice bird recently it didn't take me long to get to the British Steel Hide when news got out that a Gull-billed Tern was showing there. It had flown off while I was driving down but luckily for me it came back to the scrapes when I was pulling into the carpark. It showed well for about 20mins before flying off up river towards Loughor Bridge.  There's a good chance it might stick around and venture into Glamorgan with a bit of luck. However, since being lost to view around 12:15, to my knowledge, it has yet to reappear, despite searching for it. Thanks to Wendell Thomas for getting news out.

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Barry Stewart said...

Relocated this evening in south of Loughor Bridge (7.00-7.45pm).