24 July 2012

Glow-worms at Whiteford

Glow-worm female (c) H. Oates
Howard & Ros Oates saw four female Glow-worms during an evening visit to Whiteford yesterday and took this lovely image. The map below shows that Glow-worms are thinly distributed across lowland areas of Glamorgan.


xleah couchx said...

cool i really thought glow worms were in places like greece and places like that

Barry Stewart said...

Leah, there's a bit of a gap in NPT and I wonder there are any in Baglan dunes. If you have time it may be worth a walk down there at night while the weather's so nice?

xleah couchx said...

yea ok no problem as soon as i do it one day when i finish work in margam ill av a go surely there could be some i hope so last i saw them was 10 years ago in corfu x