23 November 2012

Polypody sp at Crawley Bluff

The polypody ferns are at their best at this time of year and can be found on walls, tree trunks or dune ridges. In addition to Western Polypody (Polypodium interjectum) which is abundant on the dunes, there are some very good patches of Southern Polypody (P. cambricum) growing on trees in the woodland and scrub below and to the east of Crawley Bluff (voucher at NMW). However, it is unusual for Southern Polypody to grow on the ground and I have suspicions the hybrid (P. x shivasiae) might explain these seemingly intermediate plants noted under scrub below the bluff. Collection of material with ripe spores later in the season will hopefully resolve the matter.
distribution of Southern Polypody
distribution of Western Polypody
Spindle (Euonymus europaeus) is frequent in the woods in this area and its distinctive seed capsules make it particularly prominent at this time of year.

Nearby, bryophytes growing in profusion on a damp north-facing dune cliff included Wall Scalewort (Porella platyphylla) and Long-beaked Thyme-moss (Plagiomnium rostratum).
Wall Scalewort
Long-beaked Thyme-moss

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