01 April 2013

Cwmdulais river mosses

The acidic water flowing down the Afon Dulais above Pontarddulais supports a limited but distinctive suite of species, two of the most abundant being Alpine Water-moss (Fontinalis squamosa) and Claw Brook-moss (Hygrohypnum ochraceum). These dark aquatic species grow on in-stream rocks and boulders forming part of characteristic community.
Alpine Water-moss (Fontinalis squamosa)
Claw Brook-moss (Hygrohypnum ochraceum)
Flushed pastures alongside the river that aren't covered in Rhododendron are more diverse with noteworthy species including locally frequent Whorled Caraway (Carum verticillatum) , Round-leaved Crowfoot (Ranunculus omiophyllus), Ivy-leaved Bellflower (Wahlenbergia hederacea) and the luxuriant foliage of Marsh Forklet-moss (Dichodontium palustre).
Whorled Caraway leaves growing overGrove Earwort (Scapania nemorea)
Marsh Forklet-moss (Dichodontium palustre)

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