27 April 2013

Wild-type Daffodils in West Glamorgan

Rob Ladds was photographing the Wood Anenomes in Gelli-hir Wood last week when he came across a small drift of circa 50 Wild-type Daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. pseudonarcissus) in an obscure and difficult to access part of the site. There are relatively few records of Wild-type Daffodils in West Glamorgan as can be seen below and whilst it is possible most if not all are deliberately introductions, some may be relict populations, although one might expect long-established natural populations to be much larger than this? Regardless of their true status, finding Wild-types in the 'wild' will always provide great pleasure. I wonder if genetic testing may one day reveal the true status of our plants in Gower?

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