09 May 2013

Observations at two cliff nests in west Gower

Gordon Howe reported that a nest site used by Peregrines in recent years has been taken over by a pair of Ravens this year, a possible explanation being the gradual disintegration of the nest over the period the Peregrines have been in occupation. Now the Ravens have done a good DIY job, it will be interesting to see what happens next year?

Another observation made by Gordon was a Fulmar 'fouling' an over-inquisitive Herring Gull; we've all heard about this behaviour, but how many of us have actually seen it happen. Unfortunately Gordon missed the actual moment with his camera, but the scene is set below. Gordon adds...'The Fulmar likes being in there but has never nested. The gull also was in there and the Fulmar may have retaken it. This is where the first Peregrines nested (female sat on eggs but the male had abandoned her. Eggs possibly infertile and she gave up after about 4 weeks of sitting) in about 1984 when they returned after the long DDT absence.'

It seems a good opportunity to point out that the Gower Ornithological Society has a new atlas in prep and the example tetrad maps below show the breeding and winter distributions of Fulmar in West Glamorgan. I don't have my copy of the 1992 atlas to hand, but I suspect the distribution has changed little for this species in comparison with others. More updates to follow on this project...
Breeding distribution 2008-2012
Winter distribution 2008-2012


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the historical Perry information - very interesting which I'll add to the South Wales Peregrine Monitoring Group database. Birds seem to be interested in another site this year

Colin Richards (SWPMG)

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Colin, lets hope for a better season than last years.

Barry Stewart said...

Gordon informed me that the Ravens fledged yesterday.