22 May 2013

Plant coverage update

Keeled-fruited Cornsalad (Valerianella carinata)
now a common weed in many urban areas
A lot of effort has been put into plant recording in recent years, with Charles and Hilary Hipkin in particular making great strides to map the flora of Neath Port Talbot at the 1km square level. Until his retirement from BSBI Quentin Kay similarly mapped much of the Swansea district with many valuable contributions from the late Tony Lewis. Continued recording along with these major contributions is now starting to produce quite good coverage of vascular plants at the tetrad level and even the bryophyte coverage map is developing nicely, aided greatly by Sam Bosanquet's occasional forages into the county. Many thanks too to those who provide occasional records of more interesting species. More updates to follow...
As mentioned in the comment to the previous posting, the area around
the Neath Estuary supports a very high level of diversity
Early days with good coverage limited to the Neath Valley,
Valley Woods, Crymlyn Bog and a few Gower sites

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Charles Hipkin said...

Thanks also to your very significant contribution Barry.
It's really nice to see it all in terms of numbers of species recorded per tetrad.There are some interesting zeros there! Still plenty to do.