26 July 2013

Kittiwakes on Mumbles Pier

A full count from the pier this morning revealed 325 adults, with 76 apparently occupied nests, mostly on the artificial ledges. 34 nests were with young (another 5 were obscured) with the total count of young being 48. These figures show the site is well on the way to being recolonised to its former level, and congratulations are in order to all concerned. The photos show the differences in nest size and chick size, clearly some birds got a much earlier start than others. This video [click here] provides an intimate view to one of the artificial ledges. Many thanks to Fred Bollom for arranging access.
a well-built nest with two well-grown chicks 
a rudimentary nest with two very young chicks
AON 1993 to 2013

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