20 July 2013

Mothing at Horton

A very enjoyable evening's mothing was spent in the company of 'Jake' Gilmore, Mike Powell, Paul Parsons and Dave Morris. We ran three traps on the parched cliffs from dusk until just after 01:30 and we recorded 135 species. Those of most interest included the following micro-moths: Coleophora albitarsella 1 (7th vice-county record), Batia lambdella 1, Agonopterix nanatella 1 (Nationally Notable b), A. nervosa 10, A. rotundella 2 (Na 8th vcr), Metzneria aprilella 2 (Nb New vcr - to be confirmed), Teleiodes sequax 7, Aethes tesserana 1, Aethes francillana 1, Cochylis hybridella 1, Sparganothis pilleriana 2 (Na 6th vcr), Acleris bergmanniana 1, Agriphila inquinatella 2, Mecyna asinalis 5 (Nb), Epischnia bankesiella 1 (Na), Thistle Ermine 1, Pempeliella dilutella 24, Oidaematophorus lithodactyla 1, along with the following macro-moths Grass Emerald 8, Small Emerald 1, Mullein Wave 1, Small Blood-vein 5, Lesser Cream Wave 1, Silky Wave 16 (Red Data Book 2), Wood Carpet 2, Chestnut-coloured Carpet 11 (Nb), Fern 2, Haworth's Pug 1, Annulet 7, Scarce Footman 11, Crescent Dart 9, Devonshire Wainscot 1 (Na), Small Rufous 2, Small Purple-barred 5 and Marsh Oblique-barred 2 (Nb). Non-lepidopterans of note included Tawny Cockroach 10+ (Nb), the attractive hoverfly Helophilus trivittatus 1 and Glow-worm 2 females, attempting to compete with the moth lights! More pictures from this night will be posted on the Glamorgan Moth blog here.
Agonopterix nanatella

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