13 November 2013

Black-tailed Godwit LY-GYf

Almost all of the Black-tailed Godwits seen in the Burry bearing colour-rings have been Icelandic, including the most recent observation of LY-GYf [code read from L-R as if you were positioned behind the bird - i.e. Lime/Yellow-Green/Yellow flag]. The bird was first seen at Penclacwydd by Colin Wilkie on 16th October and has subsequently been reported by Wendell Thomas, Paul Larkin and myself at Penclawdd (Glamorgan) as well as Penclacwydd (Carmarthenshire).
LY-GYf at Dalton's Point, Burry Inlet on 3rd November
David Price the scheme organiser provided excellent feedback of this bird, which was ringed as chick on 13th July 2013, along with the photos below. David said 'Thanks for the records and picture of LY GYf - one of our "babies". Nice to see it grown up and enjoying the delights of South Wales. The bird was one of a brood of three, which Ruth and my grandson, Eoin, found in a field behind the petrol station at Fljot, adjacent to a bit of a football pitch.  Not a terribly salubrious sounding location, but it was in a beautiful Icelandic valley.  Photos attached of the breeding area and of the bird with its two siblings.'


David Carrington said...

Fascinating. The breeding site makes my local Rest Bay football pitch look a bit ordinary! Great blog posting Barry

Paul Tabor said...

Well done Barry that's really great to see from chick to adult.Makes it all worth while