14 November 2013

Ring-necked Parakeets in West Glamorgan

(c) G. Watkins
Gareth Watkins wrote 'This ring-necked parakeet turned up in a garden on the cliffs at Pennard around dusk last night and is still around this morning. It is eating windfall apples & giving the occasional loud squawk.'

Other than the long-stayer at Singleton, which has been present since 2009, the only other 21st Century records on the system is one that I saw in a neighbours garden in Gorseinon on 30 May 2000 and another which Dave Carrington saw fly over the cricket pitch on entrance to Margam Park. I wonder if there are others out there that have not been reported?

...from Gareth this am 'PS it also like peanuts!'
(c) G. Watkins


Stewart M said...

I saw these birds in Oman - which is a long way from Wales!

Stewart M - Melbourne

Barry Stewart said...

They do appear to be rather cosmopolitan these days!

Anonymous said...

Had one in the garden of Marsh Farm, Wernffrwd back in Sept 1991.
Neil Edwards

Jeremy said...

Is the Singleton one still there? I haven't seen it for a while (a few months), but then I've not really been looking.

Barry Stewart said...

We've been there a few times over the winter and have not heard or seen it, so seems like it may have died or moved on. Do you have a last date for it Jeremy?

Barry Stewart said...

Jeremy the last report I have is you seeing it on 29 Dec 2012. Thanks for your record too Neil - Logged.

Matthew Santos said...

Hi Barry

I live in Cardiff but visit the gower occasionally in the winter as I like to see the hen harriers. I saw 2 the other day at llanrhidian marsh in the evening and one ringtail hunting during the day. I was wondering if you've seen any at oxwich or nitten field lately?



Anonymous said...

Hi there,I used to see one regularly in the early 70s in the woods at the back of Parklands School in Sketty, Swansea. It was either over two or three years. At the time I put it down to a recent escapee. Regards, Johnny Woon

Dewi Lewis said...

One/two in Clydach July 24/25th 2001(See Gower Birds Vol 7 Number 5)I reported one to Martin Humphreys(Then Warden of Cwm Clydach RSPB Reserve)