05 January 2014

American vagrant quartet!

Burry Holms with Worm's Head in the background
Incredibly, four American vagrants have turned up in Gower within the space of a week! Surf Scoter, Thayer's Gull, American Herring Gull and today Black Brant. With more westerly gales forecast, maybe there's more to come? One of the main reasons for this bonanza is the glut of food made available by the storm affected Rhossili Bay, which has over 5,000 Scoter and 2,000 Herring Gulls feeding on the disturbed benthic communities. Well worth a trip down there to soak up the atmosphere of the place at present and to check out the details of these and other local rare bird sightings click here.
juvenile Thayer's Gull (c) S.L. Murray
juvenile Thayer's Gull (c) P. Parsons


Paul Tabor said...

intersting topic for those going and trying to identify the thayer's gull on LARUSOLOGY.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK, it gives useful tips and photo comparisons in trying to pick the gull out from herring gulls

Barry Stewart said...

Cheers Paul - there are some excellent gull sites out there, but still doesn't make the identification of these birds any more straight forward ;)