19 January 2014

Stout Hall

Rambling Tail-moss
After gaining permission to look at Stout Hall woodland yesterday in rather miserable conditions, we were very impressed by the growth of mosses on secret garden wall; the bulging cushions of Rambling Tail-moss (Anomodon viticulosus) being particularly impressive. Other conspicuous associates here included Flat Neckera (Neckera complanata), Fox-tail Feather-moss (Thamnobryum alopecurum) and Tender Feather-moss (Rhynchostegiella tenella). On a nearby Sycamore the raspberry-like perithecial stage (the sexual spore producing) of the pathogenic fungus Coral Spot (Nectria cinnabarinna s.l.) was evident on many of its twigs.

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