06 April 2014

An odd moss on a pavement in Caerau

Back on 5th March an odd specimen of Intermediate Screw-moss (Syntrichia montana) collected from tarmac in Brynheulog, Caerau, proved puzzling as it did not key out well to any species or well-documented forms of Syntrichia. The specimen was passed onto Sam Bosanquet who suggested that it might be S.m. var calva, a taxon recorded only once in Britain in 2011 at a site in Gloucestershire. Sam was sufficiently convinced to forward it onto Tom Blockeel for a second opinion who confirmed the identification and status as new for Wales. Quite surprising what can turn up in the most unpromising looking locations if you care to look close enough.
Syntrichia montana var. calva

Above Brynheulog, the crags at Foel Fawr provided more natural niches for mosses and liverworts including the distinctive Nut-moss (Diphyscium foliosum) shown below, along with Brunton's Dog-tooth (Cynodontium bruntonii) and Woolly Fringe-moss (Racomitrium lanuginosum) .
Diphyscium foliosum

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Charles Hipkin said...

Fantastic record Barry.