05 April 2014

Wernffrwd & Swansea Vale

video grab
Following a build up in the flock to 647 last week, there was no sign of any Golden Plover at Wernffrwd this morning but a Slavonian Grebe nearing completion of its moult into summer plumage was bonus, along with our first Swallows of the year there. A quick evening visit to Swansea Vale just before dusk produced an adult Little Gull that was unbelievably approachable. As it was the only bird on the ground there I thought it might have been sick, but as I approached to within 5m of it and was thinking how best to grab it, it uttered a few alarms chirps then flew off and joined a swarm of Sand Martins, so may have possibly just been very tired? A Dipper was singing close by on the river.

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Simon said...

Looking at the little gull's posture and the way it was visibly breathing, I'd say that was possibly a sick bird.