07 July 2014


on the first night in 5 years when I've noticed migration in my garden in Sketty and sorry for the delay. Third Glamorgan record unless I've misread the excellent Moths of Glamorgan or anyone's had one post publication...............

Diasemiopsis ramburialis looks a bit tired! Exif says taken on 14/06/2014 so trap set the night before. I remember a Red Necked Footman which might well also have been a migrant, certainly never seen one there before.

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Barry Stewart said...

Fabulous record Ian - Chris Manley photographed one at Whiteford on 22nd of June, so you have relegated his from 3rd to 4th county record! You can see Chris's image here https://www.flickr.com/photos/39907519@N08/14305280869/