01 July 2014

recent stuff

On reading the excellent new moth book for Glamorgan, congratulations guys, I realised there are no records for Scarlet Tiger from Crymlyn Burrows, one of the main uses of such a publication. I have seen them last weekend although this picture was taken last year.
This soldier fly, a female Oplodontha viridula, was seen at Yarrow at the same site. It is supposedly one of the most common but new to me.
This soldier fly a female Nemotelus notatus, a lot smaller, was taken at Arthur's Stone on Cefn Bryn in good numbers when sweeping for insects for the students. According to Stubbs and Drake it is found in brackish places? 

Whilst waiting for neighbours to come and eat outdoors at home (a rare event) I noticed these Lasioglossum males (solitary bees) roosting on a Plantago lanceolata head. So far they have come every night to the exact same spot for a week. Don't have to go far!


Barry Stewart said...

What odd behaviour - the bees that is not you!
I've see vast number of Nemotelus notatus along with smaller numbers of N. uliginosus along the edge of the saltmarsh in previous years - I guess they must move around quite a bit too?

i.f.tew said...

Well I did wonder, either Stubbs and Drake don't have all the information or do they go in for "hill topping"?