19 September 2014

hanging on

After many peeks under wood at Crymlyn Burrows beach over the summer with no success I was pleased to see Nebria complanata hanging on at Cwm Ivy beach strandline under one of only 3 pieces of wood on about 1 km of beach! I saw a man and child carrying wood from further north back to, presumably Broughton. Hats off for enterprise but something really needs to be done about this, but how? Would be nice if effort went into cleaning the beach and not burning the biodegradables. I was amazed last year to discover a whole thriving community of wood nesting bees and wasps on the strandline at Crymlyn Burrows but only the really big wood survives the depredations of the barbecue crowd.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I recorded 5 x N. complanata from Whiteford beach on June 14th this year. Always looking out for them on other beaches also!
regards, Judith Oakley (Oakley Intertidal)