28 October 2017

Fungi on Baglan Energy Park

Baglan Energy Park is one of the best brownfield sites in Wales, particularly in terms of  the notable vascular plants, bryophytes and invertebrates that have been recorded there. It is, in fact, a biodiversity hot-spot and one of the most species-rich areas in Glamorgan.  At the moment we know much less about the  macro-fungi there, but  recent, preliminary surveys indicate that there is a good diversity of species, many of which (not surprisingly) are typical coastal (sand dune) species such as Clitocybe barbularum, C. rivulosa, Melanoleuca cinereifolia, and Inocybe agardhii. A few more are shown in photos below:

Lepiota alba

Hygrocybe persistens

Hygrocybe conica

Hygrocybe virginea var. virginea

Hygrocybe virginea var. ochraceopallida

Galerina vittiformis

Omphalina pyxidata

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