14 October 2017

Fungi on Llansamlet Enterprise Park

Llansamlet Enterprise Park has lots of wooded groves and drive-by observation indicates that some of them have lots of fungi fruiting in them. One that I stopped  (very briefly) to look at near the Go Outdoors outlet had some nice groups of Matt Knight (Tricholoma imbricatum) and Bloody Brittlegill (Russula sanguinaria) associated with pine, and large amount of Clustered Toughshank (Gymnopus confluens).
I suspect that there is a large, unrecorded diversity of fungi here.

Matt Knight (Tricholoma imbricatum)

Bloody Brittlegill (Russula sanguinaria)

Clustered Toughshank (Gymnopus confluens)


Barry Stewart said...

Sounds well worth a stop off, even if just to see the the species shown in your lovely images.
We saw some cracking specimens at The Nat. Bot. Garden exhibition yesterday and met some of South Wales' active fungi hunters - I'll definitely be taking more interest in recording species from this remarkable kingdom, though anticipate progress with ID will be slow...

northierthanthou said...

The toughshank cluster is pretty cool!