17 February 2012

Beached Bird Survey 2012

The annual Beached Bird Survey takes place over the weekend of 25th and 26th February. I still have a few stretches of beach around Gower for which I need someone to undertake the survey.

This national survey basically involves walking an allocated stretch of beach, 1-2 hours after high tide, to check for any dead seabirds and to report any oiling, either on the birds or the beach itself.

The survey can be conducted on the above weekend or a week either side of these dates.

If you would like to take part in this survey the following stretches of beach on the Gower are still available:

1. Swansea Bay - Blackpill to the West Pier by Swansea docks (can now be done on the 3rd & 4th March due to the postponement of the bike race)
2. Shirecombe to Great Tor (Threecliff Bay and Pobbles Beach)
3. Oxwich Point to Port Eynon Point (The Sands and Port Eynon Beach)
4. Kitchen Corner to Burry Holms (Rhossili Beach) - now allocated 21.02.12
5. Cwm Ivy Tor to the Whiteford Hide (Whiteford Sands and Berges Island) - now allocated 21.02.12

If you would like to volunteer or require further information please feel free to contact me on 01792-537439 or by e-mail: alastair.flannagan@ntlworld.com.

Alastair Flannagan

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