28 April 2012

Chat Survey

female Common Redstart
I finally got round to doing my chat survey today. My square is over half forestry and the remainder is made up of habitat lacking in any scrub, but there are some drystone walls and as expected a few Northern Wheatears were present including a confirmed nest. In its present state my square seems unlikely to be suitable for either European Stonechat or Whinchat but that could change in years to come? Frustratingly the square I've been allocated is adjacent to one of the better European Stonechat habitats in the Neath area. However, when the conifers in my square have been felled and replanted it may produce a temporary suitable habitat for European Stonechats which could be interesting from the surveying point of view.
Bird of the day went to the female Common Redstart found on the way to the square and the garden has recently noticed a rise in Eurasian Siskin numbers with more than 10 today. Mostly adults noted but a fairly advanced juvenile bird turned up on the 20/4/12.
male Eurasian Siskin

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