19 April 2012

Topknot at Sedgers Bank

Common Topknot  (Zeugopterus punctatus) (c) O. Gabb
Photographed at Sedgers Bank by Owain Gabb last week. Unusually for a flat fish, this species favours rocky coasts where it is well adapted to clinging onto rocks with its broad fringing fins.


Clive Ellis said...

Fantastic.The giveaway features are the eyestripe and spot behind the dorsal fin (the fin on top which would usually be the pectoral in round fishes)and left sided eyes.Only ever seen one whilst diving in Skye and that was on rocky ground,it was bright red to fit in with surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Regularly caught in the prawning net on a spring tide in Butterslade/Red Chamber, Rhossili.
Some quite large - up to 20cm long
Gareth Thomas