15 April 2012

Pink Wood-sorrel

Wood-sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) is usually white-flowered although the text books tell us that it occasionally comes in a pink or mauve form, as shown here. This plant was found at the edge of a Western Hemlock plantation near the Clydach Brook (Resolven). Although there were a few white-flowered plants present, most of the plants in the population were pink.
All the other populations I've seen in the Neath Valley have been white, exclusively.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Charles
Never seen the pink version. But here in Shropshire I found a small colony of pink wood anemones amongst the prevailing white masses. Quite striking, and according to the book, also available in blue, though never seen by me.
Gareth Thomas

Charles Hipkin said...

Thanks Gareth. Blue Wood Anemones - that would be something!