31 December 2012

Melincourt Waterfall

A visit to a waterfall seemed appropriate after all the rain we've received this month and the walk up to Melincourt turned out to be surprisingly dry, at least until we arrived at the falls! Here, the force of the spray was too great to allow a full frontal shot, so we satisfied ourselves with more distant, partially obscured images.

The humid conditions of narrow, shaded valleys such as Melincourt provide ideal conditions for mosses and liverworts to flourish and the ground, rocks and tree trunks were festooned with various shades of green.
Greater Featherwort (Plagiochila asplenioides)
growing on wet rocks
Pellucid Four-tooth Moss (Tetraphis pellucida)
growing on a fallen tree
Wishing everyone very best wishes for 2013 and fingers crossed we'll see less rain and a little more sunshine!

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