18 December 2012

Nice light

Nice light on the Gower, today. The Kestrel was at Mewslade Valley and the Stonechat was at Port Eynon. The Kestrel deserves a special mention since during visits I've made to Mewslade Valley in recent weeks I've found it to be very approachable. Anyone needing a photo of a Kestrel would do well to make the visit to see it. Even if you don't need a photo, to be given the trust of such a stunning bird and be able to approach quite close is truly special, and well worth the effort.

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Barry Stewart said...

Considering how little I've been out the last few weeks, Kestrel have been a regular feature and I've seen them at at least nine sites in Gower. These sightings include your confiding bird, which according to Gordon Howe is on the same rock every time he passes.