12 December 2012

Tree Sparrows in Gower 2012

Andrew Lucas wrote:
In 2012 Tree Sparrows seemed to become more elusive than ever.  Although a single bird was seen at Newton early in the year, and another - or the same - bird was in a garden nearby, things did not look good when they disappeared from their known breeding site at Newton Farm.

However, I was contacted by the RSPB recently to say that one of their surveyors for the Volunteer Farmer Alliance had turned up three, or maybe four pairs just west of Llandewi in summer 2012.  It seems that tree sparrows have wrong-footed us again!  Unfortunately, the RSPB have not been able to make contact with the surveyor (if you are reading this, please get in touch!!!), but they were happy to release information on where birds were seen.  Breeding probably occurred at three locations and was suspected at a fourth.
So, for winter 2012, with the generous support of the City and County of Swansea, a new feeding site has been established nearby.  Two feeders are near a disused quarry just south of Llandewi at SS461884, shown by the red arrow.  This a very convenient location, only 100m from the road on a public right of way!  Already, a flock of about 50 chaffinches has been attracted to the area.  Who knows what might be with them?

If you visit, let me know if you see any Tree Sparrows.  The seed is in a dustbin near the feeders, so feel free to refill them if you think they need it.  But, most importantly, please observe the country code.  In particular, keep to public footpaths and make sure you leave gates as you find them.  Tree Sparrows are farmland birds, and we rely on the goodwill of local landowners, who have been very supportive over the years.

Good luck!
Andrew Lucas
07968 838152


voyante said...

très belle espèce !!

Anonymous said...

Great news, makes you wonder where else they could be? When I first started birding they used to nest in an old dead tree near the road at Bank Farm not far from where they are now.Neil Edwards