04 February 2010

Brambling and masses of Siskin

A male Brambling was seen in the garden today. Only the 3rd record of the winter with others, both males, seen on 21st Nov 2009 (stayed to the 23rd) and 16th Jan 2010. In previous years Brambling numbers have picked up in February and later recorded off and on into April. In 2009 the last record was a female 14 Apr 2009 and the year before again a female 13 Apr 2008. Our garden backs onto the Gnoll Grounds and over the last few years we have been able to attract good numbers of finches who seem to like the sunflower seeds that are on offer very much! Today's Brambling was too quick for my camera skills so hopefully I will get more opportunities over the coming months.

Also today the Siskin numbers in the garden and surrounding trees easily numbered over 100 birds and probably nearer 140! These are remarkable numbers for our garden and smash the previous record of 63 on 16th Jan 2010. "Budgie" was amongst the masses of Siskin today. He has obviously been spreading the word.

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