13 February 2010

Busy Garden

A personal milestone for the garden today with 30 species recorded in the day. Not sure whether there are any official, or indeed unofficial, rules regarding garden listing? Today's total includes birds flying over the garden (flying over birds wouldn't be accepted in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch). The following list, using BTO species codes, shows the order the species were recorded and respective final totals with flying over totals in brackets:-

CT 1, RE 1(+34), B. 14, GR 6, BT 3, CH 13, MG 2, HG (6), HS 5, ST 2, SG 6, C. (8), WR 1, BC 2, R. 3, WP (5), JD 5(+75), BH (5), CD 5, D. 1, GC 1, LT 4, RN (2), SK 2, GO 4, GT 2, FF (2), NH 1, RO (3), GL (1)

I have only recently started using the species code but find it very useful. It is particularly useful when recording for the BTO surveys and also great for entering records on MapMate. For anyone who isn't familiar with the codes they can be found here http://www.bto.org/bbs/take_part/species-codes.htm


Barry Stewart said...

Where have all of your Siskins gone?

Mark Hipkin said...

That's an interesting question. The prolonged periods of cold temps this winter have seen the Siskin numbers drop off. After a few days of sub-zero nights the Siskin numbers in the garden have struggled to break double figures. When the temps have warmed up they seem to flock back. The last time this happened 100+ Siskins were present at one point. I visited the Gnoll grounds earlier this week and there were good numbers in the Larches. I'm not sure how far the birds from the garden go, but I am interested what will happen when it next warms up a bit?

Barry Stewart said...

Re two letter codes; don't type NB into MapMate if you record Spoonbill as it will enter this as Glossy Ibis!

Mark Hipkin said...

I look forward to encountering that problem ;o)