26 February 2010

Great Crested Grebe in Baglan Bay

The video attached shows c100 Great Crested Grebe in a single raft off Aberavon Beach 20th February 2010. That Day 347 were counted in the Bay between Barry and myself. My apologies for taking so long to post this but my relationship with blogger is strained at the best of times. Better late than never!


Barry Stewart said...

OK Speilberg, how did you manage that? Since using the new interface I've not figured out how to upload video!

Mark Hipkin said...

Well it was down to what you told me at Aberavon Beach. I have downloaded Windows Live which gives me access to Movie Maker. After a bit of editing I saved the video in email format (340x240) in My Video's Folder. Then opened the folder from blogger like an image. Before this I was trying to take the video straight from the card reader but it wouldn't go through. See you at the Oscars :o)