15 February 2010

More shells from Oxwich beach...

Below is a selection of shells & miscellaneus items found on the beach yesterday:

A Common Limpet (Patella vulgata)
B Slipper Limpet (Crepidula fornicata)
C Common Whelk (Buccinum undatum)
D Common Otter-shell (Lutraria lutraria)
E Edible Mussel (Mytilus edulis)
F Common Cockle (Cerastoderma edulis)
G Prickly Cockle (Acanthocardia echinata)
H Norway Cockle (Laevicardium crassum)
I Banded Wedge-shell (Donax vittatus)
J Thin Tellin (Angulus tenuis)
K Rayed Trough-shell (Mactra stultorum)
L Striped Venus (Chamelea gallina)
M Sword Razor (Ensis ensis)
N Pod Razor (Ensis siliqua)
O Egg-shell Razor (Pharum legumen)
P Variegated Scallop (Chlamys varia)
Q Edible Oyster (Ostrea edulis)
R Faroe Sunset-shell (Gari fervensis)
S White Piddock (Barnea candida)
T Dogfish purse (Scyliorhius sp.)


Caroline Gill said...

Great photo. These shells look particularly good if you 'click to enlarge'.

Anonymous said...

Where's "F"

Barry Stewart said...

Well done for spotting the deliberate mistake - well, everyone knows what a cockle looks like!

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about the amount of people collecting the pipe fish will they disppear like the cockles, walking along the beach the other day there were at least 50 chinese and 1 welsh man who we talked to,(he also remarked on the fact that the clockles are no longer on the beach),working in groups along the shoreline using especially adapted items to shoot salt into the pipe fishes hole. It appears that they were working in an industrious manner..........

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